Shutterstock - Think before you sign up

A month ago, I was looking for some pictures to use for my websites. I found some pictures on Shutterstock that I liked. Being a law abiding citizen, I decided not to just use the pictures. I decided to properly pay for the pictures. I knew that I am going to need few more later on, I decided to sign up for their plan. After a month I got my invoice for $29. At that time, I decided that I had pictures I needed and I can just close my account. Now came the big surprise. Shutterstock does say that closing the plan early involves price adjustment. But they do not advertise what that adjustment means. If you close the plan early, Shutterstock will consider you plan as month to month plan. It will charge you additional $20 for each month before completion of year. So if you decide to close the plan after 10 month, here is big surprise $200 bill for you. So think before you sign up for their yearly commitment plan. Unless you plan on completing the year, carefully evaluate your requirements of images and see if it is worth committing to yearly plan.

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