How to secure access to Razor Pages

Authentication and Authorization has not changed between Asp.Net MVC and Asp.Net Core Razor Pages. The request pipe lines still works the same for authentication. In MVC pipe like, you do all the auth...

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How to buy and install GoDaddy SSL certificate in IIS

If you own GoDaddy server, then there is good chance that you are going to buy SSL provided by GoDaddy. I have seen many people complaining about issues installing GoDaddy SSL certificate in IIS. Most...

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How to include BootStrap 4 in Asp.Net Core Project Using Libman

Asp.Net Core project's template includes BootStrap 3.3.7 file in the project. Project uses bower to include Bootstrap files. Microsoft has shipped released version of Libman with Visual Studio 15.9 ve...

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Resolve InvalidOperationException Unable to resolve service for type Microsoft.AspNetCore.Session.ISessionStore in ASP.Net core application

When developers start developing Asp.Net core applications, I have seen that quite a few have mentioned that they run into following exception when starting the application. InvalidOperationExceptio...

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