How to buy and install GoDaddy SSL certificate in IIS

If you own GoDaddy server, then there is good chance that you are going to buy SSL provided by GoDaddy. I have seen many people complaining about issues installing GoDaddy SSL certificate in IIS. Most common symptom is that when you goto IIS and complete step for Complete Certificate Request, SSL certificate does not show up in the list when you try to add binding for HTTPS for your website.

The fundamental reason for this problem is that when you buy SSL certificate from GoDaddy, they do not perform Create Certificate Request step from your server. For a long time, GoDaddy was not providing useful information or helping unless you buy their paid service to install SSL certificate.

Make sure you read following post on GoDaddy site when you are planning to buy and install SSL on your website.

IIS 8/Windows Server 2012: Generate CSRs (Certificate Signing Requests)
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