Looking for Freelance, Part Time Software Developers For Projects

We are looking for part time software developers, freelancers to help us with overflow projects and homework assigment projects that we receieve from time to time. Most of these projects do not take more than a day or two. There are few projects that can span a week or more time. A lot of these project involve working with all the latest technologoes, techniques, design patterns and tools. If nothing else, it helps in learning some new concepts and keeping your skill set up to date.

Areas Of Expertise

  • C#
  • VB.Net
  • Java
  • Python
  • C/C++
  • SQL Server
  • MS Access
  • Screen Scrapping Techniques


Following mode of communications will be used to communicate any questions about the project

  • Email (Must respond with in 4 hours)
  • Yahoo,AIM,Windows Live
  • Skype or Google Talk(only in case of urgency)

Mode Of Payment

Following method is used to make payments to professionals

  • Paypal (preferred)
  • Other methods of payments will have to be negotiated


  • There is no fee to list with us
  • To cover Paypal and other operating costs, a fee of 6% is deducted from your payment.

Terms And Conditions

Following terms and conditions apply to all the projects. Failure to comply with any of these conditions will cancel your engagement with ByteBlocks.com for the project under development and you will not be entitled to any compensation for that project.

  • All projects must be delivered before or on due date and time.
  • If there is some technical issue that may cause delay of the project, it will need to be communicated immediately. Communicating delays on due date and time will not be acceptable.
  • Payments will only be made on successful delivery of the project
  • Any special terms and conditions that apply to any project will be communicated clearly to the developer(s).
  • All software development projects will follow all the industry coding standards.


If you are interested in joining the team, please submit the following information to [projects AT byteblocks.com (replace AT with @)]. Please send all details unless marked Optiponal

First Name:
Last Name:
Mailing Address:
Current Country Of Residence:
Time Zone:
Time Of availability during day:
Email Address:
Phone Number (optional):
Areas Of Expertise:
Years Of Expereince In Each Area Of Expertise:
Current Work Status:
Curent Employer (Optional):
IM (AIM,Yahoo,Google,Windows Live):
Skype ID (Optional):
URLs of Sample Articles, Demos, Code, Projects etc.:

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