How to change Folder View Settings in Windows 7

In earlier version of Windows, we used to have a top menu in windows explorer and one of the items used to be Tools and under that there used to be option for Folder View. I used to use that to toggle options like:

  • Show hidden files, folders and drives
  • Hide extensions for known types
  • Hide protected operating system files
  • File sharing wizard
  • ... and more

When you launch windows explorer in Windows 7, you will notice that Tools menu option in not there. Now there is a new menu item Organize. Under that you will find sub menu item Folder and Search Options.

Click on Folder and Search Options menu item. This will bring up dialog box Folder Options that following three tabs.

  • General
  • View
  • Search

Click on View and it will show the folder options that you can use to toggle different options about folder view.

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