The request does not support the API version

Some time back Microsoft released a library that helped in implementing version of .Net Core API. At that time, you were referencing Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Versioning. A simple use of this library i...

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How to complete Ukouh Shrine

When you start playing Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom, you need to restore power of your arm. It starts with completing Ukouh shrine. The completion of this shrine provides The Ability to Create power to ...

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The tag helper 'option' must not have C# in the element's attribute declaration area

.Net Razoe view rendering code puts some restrictions on when writing attributes in Tags that have dependency on dynamic model values or some other run time values. For example when rendering option t...

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How to backup MongoDB database

Backing up any kind of data store is essential for business continuity point of view. Use of MongoDB does not exclude any application from not having to back up the database and collections on regular...

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How to implement paging in MongoDB using .Net driver

When we fetching large set of records from a database, paging provides a mechanism to fetch just enough records for the immediate need. If you need more records, then you can skip to the next set of ...

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