How to use Lucene In .Net Core project

Search is a critical part of any application. Users of your application expect to have search capability that works no different than Google search where they can enter free form query text and expect...

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Detect and notify when outbound IP address changes in Azure Web App

As per Microsoft documentation, Azure App Service is a multi-tenant service. Unless you are using App Service Environment, you are sharing network infrastructure with other App Services. This means yo...

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Passing AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification

It has been over 15 years since I took a Microsoft Certification exam. Last time I took the exam, it was a MCSD for .Net Architect certification. Two days ago I decided to check out Azure certificatio...

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How to use Walmart API to find store locations

In this post, I will share code snippet from our HomeRP® portal where we integrate Walmart API for locating stores. You will have to send following GET request to Walmart services to get one or mo...

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How to work with Dropdown Select element in Typescript

In a webpage, dropdown is represented by Select HTML element. When you have to work with dropdown element in Typescript, you will use following strongly typed objects. HTMLSelectElement: This repres...

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