How to backup MongoDB database

Backing up any kind of data store is essential for business continuity point of view. Use of MongoDB does not exclude any application from not having to back up the database and collections on regular...

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How to implement paging in MongoDB using .Net driver

When we fetching large set of records from a database, paging provides a mechanism to fetch just enough records for the immediate need. If you need more records, then you can skip to the next set of ...

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How to index data in MongoDB

Irrespective of what database you use, performance of any query depends on indexing of data fields in the database. MongoDB is no different. By default MongoDB creates an index on field _id. But it ...

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Connecting to MongoDB from remote client machine

Configuring a MongoDB server on your server is an easy task. When you are connecting to instance of MongoDB server from same local machine, networking related issues do not come into play. It is on lo...

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Must have Whiteboard for your desk

I do not write reviews for any product that often. But once in a while I do run into some products that do deserve some attention. I have been working from home for more than 2 years now. I spend l...

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