Learn Python: How to convert IP address to location

In this post, I will show you code for a class that I developed for processing of IP addresses to translate IP address to geo location. class GeoLocation: def __init__(self, country, city, long...

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How to fix fix error -The feature global using directive is currently in Preview

When you upgrade your .Net Core project to .Net 6, you are mostly likely going to run into following error. The feature 'global using directive' is currently in Preview and *unsupported*. To use Prev...

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Learn Python: How to format date in Python

Dealing with Date and Time data in any language is very important topic of discussion. Different countries use different ways to represent a date. E.g. in USA, a date is commonly expressed in {month}/...

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Enable Creation of Flask Web Application and Microservices in Visual Studio

Microsoft offers development of Python based Web Applications and Microservices in Visual Studio. When you want to create a Web Project based on Flask, Django or some other framework, you will find te...

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Develop PS5 Availability Tracker Using Python

PS5 is a hot commodity these days. Every gamer in the world is trying to get a hand on it. Since its launch its availability in stores has been very low. Some people have been running trackers to info...

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